Edible insects

When thinking of delicious, healthy and nourishing snacks, your first though will likely not be of insects, but entomophagy (that is eating insects) is actually one of the best choices.
Edible insects are one of the many ways that you can find yourself bagging plenty of your protein and better yet, has absolutely no impact on the environment. Delicious recipies such as mealworm satay make an amazing alternative to your usual evening meal and that is not the only way to take your edible insects.

Amazing recipe books offer healthy meals full of nutritious edible insects. Buffalo worm burgers may sound a little crazy, but indeed they make an excellent dinner for the whole family. Swap your kids raisins with a small bag of mealworms or crickets and they'll reap the benefits of an even healthier diet and an increasing intake of meaty protein, and if you can convince them to give it a try, they will be thanking you for some of the most tasty meals they have ever eaten.
So go on and give edible insects a try, I’m certain that you will definitely be pleasantly surprised.

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